Fine carriera sportiva per Liberty Son

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Caitlin Creel ha annunciato la fine della carriera sportiva del castrone di 17 anni Liberty Son 2 (Eurocommerce Washington).

Liberty Son si è affermato a livello internazionale sotto la sella del tedesco Philipp Weishaupt e del tedesco Marco Kutscher.

Nel 2016, questo castrone è poi passato a Caitlin Creel.

Poco tempo dopo, nel 2017, si è poi infortunato ed è rimasto lontano dai campi gara per circa un anno e mezzo.

Lo scorso gennaio i due sono tornati in campo in occasione delle competizioni in programma a Wellington.



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At 5 years old, I sat outside of the International Ring @spruce_meadows falling in love with the sport that was going to change my life. Fittingly, at 19, I sat outside the international ring falling in love with the horse that was going to change my life. Little did I know then, a year later I’d finally get the chance to fulfill my childhood dream of showing in that same ring with that same horse who I couldn’t have made more perfect in my wildest dreams. That horse, as many close to me know, is none other than Liberty Son 2. The horse that made every wild dream a reality. Some but not all of his highlights include helping to secure a Team Gold medal at young riders, carrying me around my first International and Grand Prix classes and giving me so much love and forgiveness along the way. After already having a full career at the top of the sport before I met him, he owed me nothing. Yet, he gave and continues to give me everything. I know without a doubt I am one of the lucky ones to have been blessed with a horse of a lifetime, especially at such a young age. Personal bias recognized, I believe that I’ve had the unreal opportunity to partner up with one of the best and most beautiful horses to grace this earth. I will forever be grateful for the years and experience he has given me- far beyond anything I could have ever imagined or expected. It is only fitting that two years ago we purchased Luke, 80% bc he looked and went similar to Libby😁, to be Libby’s predecessor and as Luke and I jumped our biggest classes this weekend Libby finally passed on the torch as he jumped his last💙 A thank you is truly not enough for this level of experience, but needed none the less. Thank you to my amazing parents for supporting my journey with Libby every step of the way. Thank you to @quentinjudge & @cayceharrison for finding this real life unicorn and making sure I was ready and able to achieve my wildest dreams with him. Thank you to everyone @double_h_farm for years of the best care and support and just flat out loving Libby as much as I do. Especially @juan_c_aguilar19 , who has treated Libby like he was his own son for the past 2 years. (cont. in comments)

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