Tempo di pensione per Waterford!

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Fine carriera per il fuoriclasse 17-enne delle statunitense Lauren Hough!

Il 17-enne Waterford (Coolcorron Cool Diamond x Julio Mariner Xx), infatti, è giunto alla fine della sua carriera sportiva.

Waterford ha avuto una lunga e brillante carriera insieme a Ebba Larsson (con cui ha ottenuto l’oro individuale per la Svezia ai Campionati Europei Young Riers nel 2015) e poi, a partire dal 2016, con l’americana Lauren Hough.

Per gli USA, Waterford è stato vincitore della Nations Cup di Spruce Meadows nel 2017, ha concluso al 2° posto nel Gran Premio del CSI5* di Treffen e terzo nel Gran Premio del CSI5* del Brussels Stephex Masters nel 2018.

Insieme a Lauren Hough, inoltre, Waterford ha collezionato innumerevoli piazzamenti e vittorie in importanti eventi in tutto il mondo.

Waterford, soprannominato Walter dalla Hough, passerà i prossimi anni nelle bellissime scuderie di Samantha Will a Lexington in Kentucky.



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While all of us in the equestrian world are being forced to slow down, it has given me a lot of time to reflect on how lucky I am to work with these amazing animals. I have been so privileged to have crossed paths with one very special guy named Waterford aka “Walter”! Walter is going to retire from the sport as he is 17 now and he owes me nothing. He is very sound and in good health. It was always my plan to retire him this year, and I‘ve decided with this long break, now is the perfect time! Thank you to his amazing owners, Laura and Meredith Mateo, for trusting me to use my best judgement to always do whatever was right for Walter. Walter will live out his retirement years at Samantha Will’s beautiful farm in Lexington, KY. Many thanks to all who have been a part of Walter’s journey! ❤️❤️❤️

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