Fine carriera sportiva per Pumped Up Kicks, fuoriclasse di Jennifer Gates

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Jennifer Gates ha annunciato il ritiro del suo Pumped Up Kicks.

La giovane statunitense ha annunciato la fine della carriera di questo figlio di Levisto tramite un post sulla sua pagina Instagram.

Pumped Up Kicks, castrone grigio di 17 anni e Jennifer Gates hanno preso parte a numerose competizioni ai massimi livelli della disciplina.

Prima di passare a Jennifer Gates nel 2015, Pumped Up Kicks ha avuto occasione di scendere in campo gara sotto la sella di Lillie Keenan.



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How do I put into words what this horse has done for me? It might be impossible. ⁠⠀ Kicks has been my loyal showjumping partner for 5 years. He took me to the 1.60m level, my first WEF Saturday Night Lights, representing Team USA, jumping a six bar at 1.84m, and finishing 3rd in a 4* I never would’ve imagined jumping in.⁠⠀ Beyond his athletic ability, it was his spicy personality, heart of gold and quirky tendencies that taught me what it meant to form a true partnership. I had to learn to control my nerves to settle him (and myself!) in the ring in order to keep things together. Kicks thought he could jump anything, and with him, I felt like I could too. ⁠⠀ Kicks has literally taken me around the world, and now It’s my turn to let him enjoy the rest of his years as a sound and healthy horse. I’m so honored to have been his partner, and grateful to everyone who has been part of our journey. ⁠⠀ Happy retirement, Kicks.👟💕

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