Nuovo cavaliere per Chipmunk FRH

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Nuovo cavaliere per Chipmunk FRH.

Secondo quanto riportato dalla Federazione tedesca, il binomio formato da Julia Krajewskis e Chipmunk FRH si è recentemente separato.

Ad uscire prossimamente in gara con questo 11-enne figlio di Contendro sarà il fuoriclasse tedesco Michael Jung.

Michael Jung, in futuro, avrà quindi a disposizione un soggetto valido e che ha collezionato innumerevoli vittorie e piazzamenti a partire dal 2014.

Solo nel 2018, Chipmunk aveva firmato il CICO3* di Aachen, il CCI3* di Bramham ed il CIC3* di Marbach oltre che ad aver preso parte ai World Equestrian Games di Tryon.


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Today is a very sad day as Chipmunk FRH is leaving us to go to his new home After 6 very successful years together the contract I had with the owner expired, was not renewed for personal reasons of the owner (which I can understand) and it was decided to sell Chipmunk, so after some very emotional month I now ultimately lost the ride on this very special horse… Chip came to me as a 4 year old and we did every step together, from the first xc training to winning the 5yo-Bundeschampionat, the CCI3* at Bramham, the CHIO Aachen and going to the World Equestrian Games in Tryon this year. I will remember him as this kind, genuine, brave yet sensitive horse who always gives his all and did so much to do us proud! And despite being very sad to see him go there are so many little and big moments I am thankful for and I wish him a very happy life with his new rider! ❤️❤️❤️ #chipmunkfrh #sadday #goodbye #takecarelittleone Pictures by @lucy_hall75 @goeventing @ingowaechter @fz_fotografie @benjamincclark

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foto:IG/fonte: federazione tedesca